Human Resource Assets

Partnering with Dansig means more than insurance and risk management with valuable Human Resources assets for our clients. Here are a few examples.
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

In many states, sexual harassment training is now mandatory for businesses. Dansig is pleased to offer online-based Sexual Harassment Prevention Training courses. Our courses feature options by industry, by state, and general courses.

These courses meet content requirements for employee-specific sexual harassment prevention training. Topics include sexual harassment, bystander intervention, diversity, and building a workplace free of discrimination, harassment, and bullying. This course features closed captioning.

How it works:

  • Employees will watch a video (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Then complete an online quiz

Once they submit their quiz and click Complete, they’re done!

Although the course is very simple to navigate, Dansig will provide detailed, screenshot-based instructions for you to share with your staff.
This approach to Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is easy to implement and makes it simple to track employee completions.

24/7 HR Hotline

Most employers lack sufficient Human Resources staff and oftentimes you need guidance on very specific questions. By using the HR Hotline, you can reduce the administrative burden and get the answers you need to successfully run your business.

Our HR Hotline is staffed by experienced HR professionals who average more than 15 years. Our experts can help with a wide range of topics, including benefits, federal compliance, employment law, wage and hour, discipline and terminations, hiring, workers’ comp and more.

You’re an expert at running your business, not necessarily an HR expert with hours to spend searching for answers to niche questions. With our HR Hotline, you can access a convenient, one-stop resource for all of your HR questions and put more time back in your day.

Through this hotline you can call, email or submit an online request to get on-demand answers to your everyday HR challenges. You can also leverage a resource that includes state-specific HR topics and legislation—allowing you to self-serve certain questions.

Our HR professionals not only answer questions, but they also provide supporting content and documentation to help put their recommendations into action. This content can be delivered right away, saving time for you.

Dansig also offers numerous safety training courses, compliance courses and more. Contact Dansig Insurance Risk Advisors to learn about all of the resources available to our clients.