Unique solutions for unique exposures.

Sometimes your life or your business demands more. More options. More coverage. More expertise. Our solutions are driven by listening to you and finding unique solutions for your unique exposures.

Our risk advisors have diverse backgrounds and decades of industry-specific experience, staying on the cutting edge of industry developments beyond risk and insurance. They’ve been there, managing the same kind of complex challenges you’re up against. So you can be confident you’re always working with someone who knows your world inside and out.

Aviation Insurance

There’s more to the aviation industry than planes. Insurance for this industry needs to encompass all the various moving parts. From the hangar to the runway, it all has to be covered. To insure these unique risks, specialized knowledge is a must.

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Brewery Insurance

Owning a brewery can present unique risks. Specialty brewery insurance combines elements of liquor liability insurance, property insurance and general commercial insurance to develop one, simpler policy.

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Child Care Center Insurance

Parents trust child care centers with their children from the earliest days. As with any facility that caters to the care of young ones, there are special risks in addition to the ordinary risks of running a business. Our specialized insurance policies will keep you covered.

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Church Insurance

A church is so much more than a place of worship—it’s also a community center, an employer and oftentimes, a home. We offer customized insurance options that fit all of these unique needs.

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Condo Building Insurance

Condo building insurance can be complicated. Specialty condo insurance recognizes the many different risk types and provides clarity regarding which parties are responsible for covering which risks.

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Contractor Insurance

Contractor insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. A specialized policy allows you to easily customize and simplify your insurance coverage to ensure that your business’ unique needs are protected.

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Dance Studio Insurance

Dance studios have clients of all ages bustling about in an active environment. Having the right insurance protection in place is crucial, and that requires specialized knowledge.

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Dental Office Insurance

Your patients’ teeth are your top priority. You take pride in knowing you’re providing the best care possible of every person who walks through your door. Staying up to date on news and trends in dentistry should be top of mind, not your insurance policies. Still, it’s imperative you cover your office’s unique risks with specialized dental office insurance.

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Farm Insurance

It can be overwhelming to think about insuring your farm if it’s both your home and your business. Farm insurance eliminates the confusion and allows you to simplify your insurance into a single policy.

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Fitness Center Insurance

As a gym or fitness center owner, customer waivers are usually not enough to protect you from potentially damaging financial risks. A specialty fitness center insurance policy may help fill the gaps.

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Garage Repair Shop Insurance

Garage repair shops face high financial risks simply because of the nature of the business. A specialty insurance policy can protect your garage repair shop from potentially devastating financial losses.

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Golf Course Insurance

Golf is a relaxing pastime that many people enjoy, but operating a golf course isn’t such a walk in the park! Specialty golf course insurance can protect your business from financial risks associated with property damage, extreme weather, liquor liability and much more.

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Hospitality Insurance

For your guests, your hotel, motel, inn, or bed and breakfast is a home away from home. For you, it’s your livelihood. Having the proper hospitality insurance coverage to protect your business means taking care of what’s yours, as well as your guests and their belongings.

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Landlord and Rental Property Insurance

Because properties can vary greatly in many ways, an off-the-shelf insurance package won’t likely be the right fit. Your location, building specifics, and the number of dwelling units all may factor into your insurance policies. It’s important to understand the unique nature of your risks based on the type of property you are insuring.

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Manufacturer Insurance

Manufacturers come in all shapes, sizes and product lines. But no matter what type of manufacturing business you’re in, there’s one thing in common: the need to protect your business. We can help you design the right manufacturer’s insurance policy.

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Medical Office Insurance

Just as your patients need to maintain insurance coverage, so should you. Your medical office comes with a unique set of risks and a specialty medical office insurance policy can keep you protected against a loss.

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Municipality Insurance

Insuring a municipality can be complex. There are many different types of risks associated with running a city or township, including protecting its citizens. Keeping in mind what’s best for everyone and everything means having the proper coverage in place for every situation.

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Nightclub and Bar Insurance

Insuring a nightclub or bar is not the same as insuring any other business. These establishments require specialized coverage that takes into consideration the unique risks that nightclubs and bars face.

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Non-Profit Insurance

Even though your organization’s goal is to help people, you are still running a business. That means your non-profit needs to protect itself against the risks that small business owners face. We’ll help you design a non-profit insurance policy that covers your organization’s unique needs.

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Property Manager Insurance

If you manage residential or commercial properties, you face a diverse set of risks and potential losses. From liability issues to damage protection, we’ll help you navigate the world of property manager insurance and design coverage that’s a perfect fit.

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Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants carry a very unique set of risks. We can customize a menu of insurance solutions to meet your specific needs. Reviewing the options and developing a plan for restaurant insurance coverage is the perfect recipe.

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School Insurance

Schools can be a second home for the families they serve. Protecting this community hub is crucial. Having the right insurance in place for a school’s unique needs can make all the difference when an incident occurs.

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Technology Firm Insurance

Technology firms face unique risks due to the nature of their work. Specific tech firm insurance can help to combat and prevent these risks.

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Trucking Insurance

Does your company make use of commercial trucks? If so, you may need to consider commercial trucking insurance, which covers more risks than your typical auto insurance would.

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Veterinary Office Insurance

As a veterinary office, you’re tasked with maintaining the health of your clients’ furry family members. This very important and highly-specialized responsibility creates a need for proper veterinary office insurance to cover your unique needs.

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Winery Insurance

Wineries have elements of many types of businesses – they’re part manufacturer, part event venue, and some may offer a wine bar that’s open to the public. Insurance for these unique risks requires specialized coverage.

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Alarm Contractor Insurance

As an alarm contractor, your customers put their trust in you to safely and properly install, repair, maintain, and monitor their security and fire alarm systems. They also trust that they can count on the equipment you install in an emergency situation. That’s why it’s essential to have the right alarm contractor insurance policy to protect you from the risks unique to the industry.

Architect Insurance

As an architect design professional, your role is to work with both clients and contractors to create the structures you’ve designed. However, this can leave your architecture firm open to liability claims and lawsuits from either party. With this increased risk, don’t let your business topple because you didn’t have the right coverage in place to protect it.

Cannabis Insurance

In a relatively new industry like cannabis, it’s often confusing to know what type of coverage you need. From general liability to product storage, we’ll help you sort out the risks and design a policy that helps your business as it grows.

Cheer Gym Insurance

Your cheer gym is like a second home for the students who train there. Safety is your number one priority both on and off the mats. You also need to protect your business. Having the appropriate insurance in place is a must. Because of the physical nature of the work you do and the population you serve, your cheer gym needs specialized insurance. We can help.

Crop Insurance

Growing crops is an essential business and the viability of those crops is essential to your bottom line. You can take all possible precautions and yet outside forces beyond your control can devastate your fields. Having adequate crop insurance in place each growing season can protect you from the unexpected.

Dealership Insurance

The risks associated with owning a dealership are diverse, no matter what you sell. From workers’ comp to coverage for customers’ vehicles, we’ll help you navigate the complexities and design a policy that keeps your business running smoothly.

Distillery Insurance

Running your own distillery can be fun and exciting, but it’s not without its own unique risks. You’ll need general business insurance, but specialized distillery insurance coverages like liquor liability insurance and equipment insurance should not be overlooked.

Driving School Insurance

Teaching new drivers the ins and outs of driving means you are on the road more than you are in the classroom in most cases. When it comes to getting driving school insurance, you need to safeguard your business, your vehicles, your driving instructors, as well as your students. And because the risks of a driving school go beyond that of other businesses, you need coverage that lines up to your needs.

Electrical Contractor Insurance

Electricity. It’s an essential part of nearly every aspect of modern life. Electricians and electrical contractors keep the lights on, the machines running, and so much more. Specialized electrical contractor insurance protects electricians based on unique, industry-related risks.

Engineer Insurance

Engineers develop and design products in a variety of fields, everything from bridges to software programs, heavy machinery, electrical systems, and chemicals. No matter what type of engineer you are, you need insurance coverage appropriate to the high amount of risk involved and the scale of the projects you work on. Engineer insurance is designed specifically for civil, chemical, industrial, electrical, and mechanical engineers.

Excavation Contractor Insurance

Every time you break ground on a new job, your business is exposed to additional risks. Opening up the earth opens you to liabilities and lawsuits. Your business needs insurance that meets the unique needs of an excavation contractor and provides robust coverage that encapsulates all the services you offer.

Financial Institution Insurance

As a financial institution, people trust you with their money and assets. Community banks, credit unions, regional banks, thrifts, investment advisors, private equity, hedge funds, and REITs alike all need specialized financial institution insurance that suits their unique needs.

Fire Department Insurance

Your fire department is a center for heroes giving their all to help their communities, but it isn’t without risk. Fire departments face unique circumstances that many other businesses don’t, including the dangerous situations they encounter. You need insurance to protect your fire department while you’re busy protecting the community.

Fire Protection Contractor Insurance

Fire protection contractors face unique risks that require specialized insurance coverage. Whether your business focuses on fixed water-type or special hazard systems, your goal is to design, fabricate, install, test, service, and repair systems that offer protection from fire for buildings as well as the people and objects inside. Having insurance in place for your business is important.

Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is the simplest way to cover all of the cars and trucks owned by your company with a single policy.

Funeral Home Insurance

Funeral homes are a very important part of the communities they serve. Helping families and loved ones cope with loss requires your full attention. Working with an insurance agency that understands the specialized need for funeral home insurance can help you protect your business so you can continue to meet the needs of those in mourning.

Gas Station Insurance

While you’re busy keeping everyone on the go, your business continues to face a variety of risks. Insurance can protect you in the case of a loss, but only a well-designed gas station insurance program will have all the elements you need to protect you from the unique risks gas stations are up against.

HVAC Contractor Insurance

Whether you’re turning up the heat or keeping the cool air flowing, your customers rely on you to make their home or work environment a comfortable place to be. The unique needs of your business should dictate the HVAC contractor insurance policies you hold and have adequate limits to protect you in the event of unexpected circumstances.

Insurance Agent Insurance

Insurance agents and agencies sell insurance to their clients, but they also need specialty coverage. As an insurance agent, you have a significant amount of risk when it comes to dealing with your clients. Here are the most important coverages to consider incorporating into your insurance agent insurance policy.

Interior Designer Insurance

Interior designers spend their time redesigning residential and commercial spaces. This involves incorporating safety into designs to be up to code, selecting durable and functional materials, designing for accessibility and functionality, and staying on target to complete the project by the deadline. All of this exposes an interior designer to unique risks. That’s why every interior designer needs an insurance policy designed specifically for the industry.

International Business Insurance

Conducting business outside the country comes with its own unique set of risks and liabilities. Coverage options vary, so our knowledgeable staff will sit down with you to determine what your business’ needs are and how we can keep them protected.

Investment Advisor Insurance

As an investment advisor, your clients count on you to handle investments and money on their behalf to increase their wealth. Of course, because you have control of their assets and large sums of money, the risks involved and the level of responsibility is high. That’s why whether you are a new investment advisor or have been in the industry for years, you need to have an investment advisor insurance policy customized to your operations.

Janitorial Services Insurance

Janitorial services are essential. You keep the businesses and homes of your clients clean, allowing them to focus on their own priorities. However, you need specialized janitorial services insurance that lets you focus on your priorities, too. The janitorial services industry has unique needs and risks that must be addressed. We can help.

Land Surveyor Insurance

In a job that’s as precise and detail-oriented as land surveying, the last thing you’d want to do is make a mistake. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and can undermine your business if you don’t have adequate land surveyor insurance. Take a deeper look into the risks you face in your industry and what you can do to safeguard the future of your business.

Landscaping Services Insurance

As a landscaper, you probably spend most of your day out with clients. While you’re on the road, the last thing you want on your mind is your insurance coverage. However, there are many reasons why a basic business insurance package just isn’t enough. A broad landscaping services insurance program needs to take your equipment, your employees, and your specialized risk into consideration.

Machine Shop Insurance

As a machine shop, the services you provide are critical for your customers. Their business relies on yours. Protecting your shop with specialized machine shop insurance can mean the difference between surviving and thriving or shutting down in the face of the unexpected.

Mobile Home Park Insurance

Mobile home parks can be a great investment, but without the right insurance your assets could be in jeopardy. There are a number of factors to consider when getting mobile home park insurance, but it all depends on the specific needs of your operation. You have a responsibility for your property and the people who live there, so make sure you have the appropriate coverage to do just that.

Nail Salon Insurance

Whether you have two stations or twenty, your nail salon is a bustling hub of pampering your clients and helping them look their best. You need specialized nail salon insurance designed to meet the needs of your business based on the services you provide. Basic business insurance alone won’t cut it.

Office Building Insurance

Businesses of all types rely on office buildings for their day-to-day operations. As the owner of an office building, you have a responsibility for your building, as well as the businesses that rent out office space on your property. Because of this, you need a specialized office building insurance policy built to cover your property and the risks of being a landlord.

Oil and Gas Insurance

The oil and gas industry is highly specialized and constantly evolving to meet the growing energy demands of the world. Your job is to help keep it running, but working with oil and gas comes with a number of unique risks. That’s why it’s important to have specialized oil and gas insurance coverage to help protect your business and continue supplying the world with energy.

Parcel Delivery Contractor Insurance

In this day and age, online deliveries have been pushed to be faster and faster. One way parcel delivery companies are able to achieve this is through independent contractors. As a parcel delivery contractor, you deliver packages and documents to homes and businesses. While you are out on the road, and especially because you are a contractor and not an employee, you will need specialized parcel delivery contractor insurance to cover your needs.

Plumbing Contractor Insurance

Plumbing contractors work in any number of specialties and your plumbing contractor insurance should focus on the work you do. Whether you’re fixing leaks and unclogging drains, adding heating systems and boilers, or hooking up new water and sewer lines for residential and commercial customers, your insurance needs may vary. Getting the protection that’s right for you can make all the difference.

Professional Services Insurance

When your business handles services that are very personal, it’s important to have the right insurance in place to protect your clients and your business. Professional services insurance is a great way to manage this.

Real Estate Investor Insurance

Real estate investment is an exciting, and sometimes risky, venture. There are unique liabilities and factors to consider when insuring your property. We’ll help manage those risks and keep your investment protected.

Residential Drug Treatment Center Insurance

Millions of people struggle with addiction and residential drug treatment centers are at the heart of assisting with recovery. Services may vary from center to center, so a one-size-fits-all insurance package won’t necessarily offer the right coverage for your risks. It’s imperative that the residential drug treatment center insurance program covering your operations meets all of your needs.

Retail Business Insurance

As a small business owner, you have a lot to think about. Customized retailer insurance coverage can help to take some of those worries off of your plate.

Security Guard Insurance

Security guards are in a profession that puts them in harm’s way on a regular basis. And because of the increased risks facing security guard professionals, specialized insurance coverage is a must. From safeguarding the people and property they are hired to protect to the guards and company itself, a security guard insurance policy needs coverage options that live up to the risks.

Senior Care Facility Insurance

As our population continues to age, there will continue to be increased demand for services and facilities for seniors. The eldercare industry comes with its own unique risks which can be addressed through a comprehensive senior care facility insurance program. The broad nature of businesses that fit this category means there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model, but there are some coverages that any organization serving seniors will want to consider.

Social Service Agency Insurance

You’re serving the most vulnerable populations and the work you do is important. Social services agencies need specialized insurance—basic business insurance just won’t do. You need protection that reflects your clientele and the unique risks your organization faces.

Sports Facility Insurance

Sports are what draw the attention, but it’s the sports facilities where it all happens. No matter what type of sports facility you manage or the size and scale of your operations, the risks to your business and the athletes you host are real. That’s why it’s essential to have a customized sports facility insurance policy in place.

Transportation Insurance

The transportation industry is incredibly broad. The process of moving people and things from one place to another can get pretty complicated. What you transport, where it goes, how it gets there, and many other factors are just the tip of the iceberg. That’s why you need specialized transportation insurance that takes your industry and business-specific risks into consideration.

Wholesaler and Distributor Insurance

As a wholesaler or distributor, your business has heightened risks because of the amount of stock kept on-site. A specialty wholesaler and distributor insurance policy protects you from a number of the unique financial risks associated with this type of business.