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Matthew Reynolds Receives Prestigious CRA Designation

Matthew Reynolds Designation

Decatur, IL – Dansig, Inc., an independent insurance and risk management firm, announced today that Matthew Reynolds, Risk Advisor, has been awarded the Certified Risk Architect® (CRA) designation by Beyond Insurance. The Certified Risk Architect is a new breed of insurance agent who is diagnostic, results-oriented, and focused on managing and mitigating risks rather than transaction-based selling.

“We are very proud of Matthew for his commitment to continuous improvement and professionalism in risk management. Matthew earned the CRA designation because he wanted to go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs and reduce their risk exposure,” said Danny Reynolds, President & CEO. “We are confident that our clients will benefit in terms of lower cost of risk, and it won’t cost them a penny more to reap the rewards of this training!”

The CRA program is comprised of a rigorous risk management training curriculum, designed to teach participants how to conduct risk management audits, identify specific exposures, design and build comprehensive risk reduction plans, using real-world situations. CRA designees learn to continuously monitor and update the plan based on their clients’ needs or changes to their operations.

Exclusive to members of the Beyond Insurance Global Network, the CRA professional designation consists of a 12-month program to train and certify select industry professionals in the Beyond Insurance® process. Each year to maintain the designation, a CRA must submit a work product giving evidence of strategies, systems, tools and/or scripts used to consult, diagnose and treat risks.

Scott Addis, CPCU, CRA, President and CEO of Beyond Insurance, said, “Matthew is positioning himself to effectively deliver enterprise risk management solutions to his clients. I am confident that both his prized clients and carriers will receive significant value from the innovation, education, and leadership a Certified Risk Architect brings to the industry.”

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